Do You or Your Company...
Have an idea that needs to be fleshed out and turned into a full Design, Prototype, or Product?

Need overflow external Engineering and Design Resources?

Need Hardware Solutions to aid your research or prototyping goals?

Have a design that needs Tolerance, Motion or FEA Analysis before plunking down fabrication costs?

Need a resource to finish off a project that could use a new set of eyes?

Or do you just need a widget or a thingy that does this when you pull that and then goes boing and lights up when you turn the other?

• Products
• Assembly Equip.
• Test Equipment
• Capital Equipment
• Automation
• High Tech
• Aerospace
• Biomedical
• Alt.Energy
• Automotive
• Tooling
• Weldments
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• Exotics
MarquisByDesign is an engineering resource specializing in mechanical and electro-mechanical tool, equipment and product design and development.
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I’ve been working in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years in high tech, capital equipment, automation, aerospace, biotechnical and alternative energy. My projects are taken from any given stage through to completion. Creative solutions are the norm; the solutions that will set your company apart from the "vanilla" competition.
Chris Marquis
Founder, M.E.
We Do Design Analysis
& FEA/Tolerance/Motion
We Also Provide:
• Project Inception
• Needs Designation
• Initial Design
• Final Design
• Prototype Expediting
• Turnkey
• Prove-out/Testing
• Final Documentation
• Presentation Documentation
• Full Production Fabrication
• Instructional Documentation
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